My Dad the U.S. China Marine

My Dad the U.S. China Marine

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016!

To all U.S. Marines -especially China Marines-, your families and to my fellow American China Marine descendants:

What a year 2015 was! For me the trip to China in early September was a life-changer. At that time and since then I've been blessed in ways I never expected. 

For those of you in active service, thank you for your sacrifices. Rest assured, you are not forgotten. Additionally, I am sincerely appreciative of the interest that so many have expressed about my efforts to preserve and publicize the legacies of the American China Marines in post-WWII China. 

This morning I received a wonderful New Year greeting from one of the last remaining 'Flying Tigers.' H. Allen Larsen wrote in part, 

"Thank you for your messages and photos, Jeffrey. Please know of my apologies for not being in touch more promptly. The photos you sent of you and other folks at the Beijing event are great ! The photo of the Mead Avenue house has been sent to my children; they are delighted !! After one more year in delightful Greenwich, we moved to Houston and its ‘hustle” ! Daughter Leslie’s Greenwich High experience paved her way to Brown University that year. Thanks, too, for the ‘blogs spot’ about your Marine Dad ! A magazine in China did an article about my China experience with the Army. I do not yet have translations of its pages ! Shall I send you a copy once it is in English ? Happy New Year !!!   Allen

So, as the sun slowly sets on Year 2015 and a new Year 2016 dawns, may every day of your new year glow with abundant possibilities. I hope that it is a year dominated by good cheer, new and exciting paths, prosperity and happiness for  you and your families. God bless America and our 'Greatest Generation.' 

Semper Fi,

Jeffrey Bingham Mead