My Dad the U.S. China Marine

My Dad the U.S. China Marine

Monday, November 4, 2013

Editorial: Lt. Gen. Roy S. Geiger on Invasion of Japan (July, 1945)

Greenwich Time (Editorial), Greenwich, Connecticut
July 13, 1945, page 4.

Americans are anxiously weighing the words of Lt. Gen. Roy S. Geiger, new commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet Marine Force in the Pacific. Gen. Geiger, taking over his present assignment at the end of 32 days of continuous bombing, in force, of the Japanese home islands, said the American forces can land in Japan “any time we want to. Now it is a question of wading in and finishing this war.”

But when? Does he mean that our forces are likely to invade soon? It is doubtful that Washington will give advance press notices of the time and place. Probably this is another case of a military man saying things without thinking through to the possible effects of his words.

And while the country eagerly awaits official statements which might clear up Gen. Geiger’s meaning, it would be sensible not to jump to any optimistic conclusions. 

The bitter and tragic experience of Okinawa is still in our minds. Until we see peace on the dotted line, we had all better stay fast to our jobs. The chances are that the nation still has a long, hard spell of war ahead.