My Dad the U.S. China Marine

My Dad the U.S. China Marine

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I'm Back from Beijing and the 70th Year Victory Day Commemorations in China!

On August 31, 2015 I embarked on a journey like no other that I had been on before. I was invited by the Chinese government -and specifically from the Chinese Vice-Consul in New York City- to go to Beijing for the 70th year commemorations of the surrender of the Empire of Japan and the end of World War II. 

As so many of you know, my late-father was one of the last of the U.S. China Marines. Herbert Bingham Mead was among those who witnessed the formal surrender in Tianjin where he and others from the 1st Marine Division were also stationed. 

I am in the process of organizing my numerous photos and my thoughts. These will be published here and elsewhere in the form of blog posts. 

This was a memorable, life-changing journey. I will be sharing my stories of that special time I spent in Beijing. Trust me when I tell you that getting on the return trip to the USA was difficult. I also promised all my Chinese friends there that I would return -both to continue my research and to do business. 

Below are a sampling of photos from my journey. Please enjoy them!

Oh, and to my fellow China Marine descendants and any living China Marines I am extending to you an invitation to return to China with me next summer in 2016! More about that soon.

It's Mid-Autumn Festival Time!

Tea and moon cakes go well together, don't they? Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all my Chinese friends around the USA and the world -and to others like me who look forward to this smiles-filled holiday. 

I'll be enjoying the moon cakes and tea I brought back from Beijing two weeks ago. Those were fine gifts received from President Feng Zhe of Beijing Sihai Confucius Academy. 

Special wishes go to all my friends in SE Asia, especially in Singapore and Malaysia who are enduring crippling haze conditions from Indonesia. You are very much in my thoughts. :)  I pray that blue skies return soon -very soon!